Clean Car Battery

Clean Car Battery

Clean Car Battery

Clean Car Battery

If your car battery has been with you for many miles, you might notice that sometimes it’s difficult to start your engine. The problem might be in the car battery. But the problem could be less serious than you might think – sometimes you just need to clean your car battery to allow optimum passage of the electrical current. Cleaning a car battery not only prolongs its life, but it also ensures optimum use.

When you see whitish or greenish deposits on your battery terminals, don’t leave it unattended because it could interfere with the proper conduct of electric current to and from your battery terminals. As a result, your battery may not recharge well, and it may not deliver enough power to your starter when needed. If you clean the car battery you can avoid this problem.

Regularly rid your battery terminals of grimy deposits by brushing them with a metal brush until they become shiny. You may need to scrape some of the deposits using a metal scraper if they are thick enough for the brush to handle. The ring terminal used to attach the cable to the battery terminal, however, is trickier to clean. Try to use a flat screwdriver or anything you can find that could fit into the ring to scrape the deposits off.

While you’re on it, check your cable also for signs of corrosion and compound deposits from the inside. The cable sheath could hide some nasty corrosion that is not visible unless you cut the sheath open from the end with a razor blade. Before you start cutting it, however, tap the cable against some object first. If you see some whitish or greenish powders come out from the end, that’s a sign that your cable is corroded inside. You should cut clear this corrosion if the length of your cable gives you room to do so. If not, then you need to replace them.

A shiny clean car battery can save you from early morning misery when your car just would not start. Maintain your auto battery to ensure that it can deliver the power you need on demand.

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