Club Car Battery

Club Car Battery

Club Car Battery

Club Car Battery

Your club car battery probably needs more care and maintenance than your auto battery. Unlike car batteries which can be maintenance free, most golf cart batteries are not. And mind that you check your club car battery regularly. Don’t just charge it. In fact, recharging it repeatedly without checking its physical state could damage it even more. You could have an explosion from a badly maintained golf cart battery!

Water is the most important component of your lead-acid club car battery. You would still stall in your tracks if your battery died, but you would not risk an explosion with a well-watered battery. A dry battery that keeps on running creates a highly flammable gas that could explode from the tiniest spark. That is why putting water in your club car battery regularly is crucial to keep this from happening. Use only distilled water to fill your battery to the desired level.

You want to check the water level of your golf cart every ten to fourteen days if you’re using it at least 5 days a week. If you use it less than that, you can check your battery’s water level once a month.

Another way to care for your golf cart battery is to clean the corrosion and compound deposits that form regularly. You can use tap water with baking soda and a brush or a cloth for this purpose. Don’t forget to clean the cables, too, because corrosion could also form in them. After cleaning, dry your battery and cables with a dry cloth; reattach the cables to the terminal before coating the terminals and clamps with petroleum jelly.

You should also look for cracks that are a consequence of natural wear and tear on the battery. Cracks could swiftly drain the water and lead to corrosion of your club car battery compartment, too. As soon as you see signs of damage, you must check with the experts to determine if you need a replacement. When it comes to your safety, it is better to be out of out of harm’s way.

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